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Learn the art of storyboarding with this drawing-intensive workshop by Rembert Montald, a storyboard artist at Riot Games. In this 3.5-hour workshop, Rembert shares his process for creating and choreographing a visually pleasing storyboard from scratch, from the initial drawing through to an animatic of the final sequence.

Using a fight sequence as the story, Rembert teaches how to lead the eye through your shots, and details his various shorthand techniques for detailing characters and action poses quickly and effectively.

This workshop is intended for anyone with an interest in storyboarding, visual storytelling, and drawing. The lessons taught are aimed at intermediate and expert-level artists and aim to prove industry insights for those working in games and films, including techniques for pacing yourself, setting the expectations, and understanding working standards.

By completing this workshop, you’ll have a complete understanding of Rembert’s method for boarding a sequence including how to turn it into an animatic that can be presented to a director.

Included with this workshop are Rembert’s working files, including a PSD with full boards and his 4 PSD animatic files for you to dissect and better understand his approach. JPGs are also provided to show the various storyboard sheets.